About Me

I am Ynot Fenua in SecondLife© (Linden Labs© virtual world). In world I am an amateur photographer mainly of people, but also of places.

I have been resident in Second Life© since September 2006, and I have been actively taking pictures since Autumn 2007. I ran a commercial studio called “Avatar Images” in world from Autumn 2007 to Summer 2010. The bulk of my work has been portraiture work for profile pictures and modeling portfolios, and I still rgularly carry out photo shoots for friends in my own custom built studio.

As well as photography, I was an SL mentor from 2007 until the program closed, and I am now a member of a number of Resident Help Networks.

In this blog I intend to show you how you too can create amazing photographs in Second life without using complex filters or settings and with the minimal of processing off-line – See About This Blog for details of the scope.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me in World, my avatar name is Ynot Fenua – either IM me or drop me a notecard. I am happy to give advice where I can, or to organise a specific photo-shoot for you. I live in the UK,  some time zones can sometimes get in the way, but we can always work round them.

Useful Links :

Ynot Fenua's Flickr stream Linden Lab's Secondlife Phoenix and Firestorm Secondlife Viewers
Ynot Fenua’s Flickr stream Linden Lab’s Secondlife GIMP (Gnu Image Processing) Phoenix and Firestorm Secondlife Viewer

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