The Environment Editor

Posted: June 10, 2012 in Environment Editor, Sky Presets

We have lined up a nice photograph, with sunset lighting and relfections, but lets mix it up with the Environment editor.

The SL environment editor allows you to change almost every visual aspect of how SL looks. You can change the colour of the sky and water, the positon of the sun and moon, the surface of the water and how it moves, and even the colour of clouds.

Lets move the sun some more, and get a bright sunset behind the light house.

Go to the environment Editor – we are about to change the Sky (World -> Environment Editor -> Sky Presets -> New Preset…)

Click on the Lighting tab, and change the East Angle to 0.23, and “Sun/Moon Position” to 5.55pm, and take another picture :


What else can we do with the Environment Editor – we can change the clouds..

On the Evironment Editor window within SL, click on the Clouds Tab, and change the Cloud Colour to RGB(89, 79,32) (click the colou path, and change the values), and change Cloud Coverage to 0.39, Set all the cloud Density sliders to 0.6.  Cloud Coverage to 0.35, Cloud Scale to 0.15, and Cloud Details to 0.5 (X,Y & D).


Your clouds may vary – but that is a far more interesting picture than the original shot at the beginning of the last post. Experiment and ty different settigs, you can emulate dark brooding storms, or even completeley alien clouds scapes.

If you get an effect you like,  you can give this combination of settings a name, and save it, so you can use it again.

You will notice that there are plenty of preset combinations which you can also use, play around and see what they do.

You can fiddle with the water too (World -> Environment Editor -> Water Presets -> New Preset..)

By changing the lighting, water and sky you can create some interesting, and some weird and wacky combinations.

Have a play and see what you can come up with. If you would like – contact me in world with your first photograph.


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